How to use GoFundRocket and Get Exposure on Indiegogo

What is Indiegogo’s gogo factor algorithm?


The largest crowdfunding platform, Indiegogo (right behind Kickstarter) has an algorithm that determines a campaign’s page ranking, called the gogo factor. This algorithm places campaigns accordingly in the pages of Indiegogo based on their gogo factor score, which also determines how much exposure your campaign gets among the Indiegogo community. By having a low gogo factor score your campaign will be placed in the back pages of the Indiegogo platform, making it nearly impossible for someone browsing the Indiegogo platform.


By boosting your gogo factor score you can actually raise through the page ranks of Indiegogo and get your project in front of the over 9 million users browsing Indiegogo that are looking for campaigns to contribute to. This makes boosting the gogo factor on your own campaign very important to get your campaign exposure among Indiegogo users and contributors. There are a number of ways to boosting your gogo factor score on your campaign.


Updates: Using your Indiegogo campaign’s ‘Update’ tab is one of the best ways to boost your gogo factor by updating your campaign page daily through this tab.


Commenting: When someone contributes to your campaign you need to do a comment on your Indiegogo campaign’s page thanking them for the contribution, this shows an increase in campaign activity which shows that you’re serious about your project!


Driving Traffic and Referrals: Driving large amounts of traffic and referrals is one of the way best ways to increase your gogo factor. Because of the increase in traffic and referrals on your campaign, Indiegogo will increase your campaign’s page ranking because more people are viewing it. Also having a consistent increase in traffic and referrals throughout your entire campaign will boost your gogo factor even more.


GoFundRocket is the only crowdfunding service that specializes in boosting the GoGoFactor algorithm on Indiegogo. They do this by driving massive amounts of traffic and referrals to your Indiegogo project throughout your campaign. This increases your overall page ranking on the Indiegogo site and allows the Indiegogo community to finally gain access to your awesome campaign! The GoGoFactor algorithm has played a huge role in Indiegogo’s success throughout the years. Also, because Indiegogo is an open source platform there are hundreds of campaigns being launched on the website every single day. This has caused campaigns owners to step up their efforts in order to get their project in front of the Indiegogo community by boosting their gogo factor score.

Boosting your campaign’s GoGoFactor with GoFund Rocket will increase your visibility across the entire platform of Indiegogo in the category listings. Not only will you experience an increase in page ranking for your category but you will also notice a page increase in the ‘Trending’ section of Indiegogo as well, where campaign funders are looking to find new and fresh campaigns to support. This puts your campaign at a greater odds of reaching the Indiegogo community who are on Indiegogo looking for campaigns to contribute to.
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GoFundRocket – Crowdfunding on Indiegogo – Tips and Tricks –

A new revolutionary source of support and a significant contributor in granting funding across the internet in a group is called crowdfunding. According to 100 million US dollars was guaranteed in 2011 on the Kickstarter website alone, launching around twenty seven thousand projects at a 46 percent success rate. To get more significant information you can log on to

When you are starting a new business, it naturally requires certain resources to establish, but raising funds at initial stage of the business is a difficult process.  To any business the essential element to get success is through having certain assets and ability in raising funds to sustain in this competitive business world.  However, getting traditional loan is not very helpful, but with crowdfunding a new innovative financing support, a smart new movement in funding is the best way to get help and sustain in the market successfully.

What is Crowdfunding on Indiegogo?

1It is a new trend and a new approach in raising the required money for small businesses to sustain in the industrial market. A set of investors contribute their resource to support small businesses initiated by organizations or individuals.  With crowdfunding, various businesses can get benefited from political campaigns, product or service based business, scientific researchers, artist and software developers. GoFundRocket is known as one of the leading services that can give your campaign on a nice boost on Indiegogo. Find that extra push to the top pages with the GoFund Rocket service.

Websites like Indiegogo and Kickstarter permits individuals to contribute funds to a business, project or a cause in exchange for free products, gifts, or any other subsidiary benefits.  In March 2012 the Federal Jobs Act has legalized equity-crowdfunding issue to a various legal regulations and requirements that are presently being summarized by the SEC (Securities Exchange Commission).

Tips for Crowdfunding:

There are various crowdfunding platform are available today.  Selecting the perfect platform is important for your business funding needs.  The second tip is if you want to be successful, then you should be able to provide reward for potential investors. The reward must be based on the kind of campaign that you are managing. Finally, you should consider various ways to connect with prospective investors.  This can be achieved successfully through creating various marketing campaign.

Crowdfunding on Indiegogo vs. Kickstarter:

Kickstarter is one of the best companies in the crowdfunding field and helped raise funds over 46,000 victorious campaigns, to get more information log on to the GoFundRocket website to find about crowdfunding on indiegogo or Kickstarter.  Today, Kickstarter is very successful because of its firm qualification policy, all-or-nothing funding-policy, and etc.

According to a GoFund Rocket resourceful study, preparing specially for a resourceful project-based campaigns, and when you are submitting to Kickstarter it must fall in one of these categories that includes comics, art, fashion, design, dance, food, film, music, games, photography, technology, publishing or theater.  The projects that do not congregate Kickstarters qualification may get rejected.

However, indiegogo does not have very strict guidelines. They basically permit crowdfunding for everything that includes charities, trips, projects and etc.  Indiegogo’s approach of campaigns is different than Kickstarter, it does not place restrictions or curate campaigns on project creators.  Any individual with a design, financial need and with legitimate bank account can craft a campaign. It also offers various choices to raise funds through flexible funding and fixed funding campaigns.